Here's an interesting juxtaposition.

Fitbark, to track your dog's fitness. $31,000 in kickstarter funding so far.

Diabetes: The Musical! $3610. Fully funded!

According to the American Diabetes Association, type 2 diabetes cost the United States $245 billion in 2012. As far as I know, dogs who are out of shape did not cost the United States anything. I could be wrong.

To be fair there are scores of apps that help you track your blood sugar. Unfortunately they are not going to solve the problem of why type 2 diabetes exists in the first place. IMHO I think a big part of the problem is the ridiculously powerful food industry lobby. Their messaging is so tightly woven into our culture that we accept a lot of things as truth without really looking into the facts. That idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that it's impossible to lose weight when you skip breakfast? I'm guessing you could trace those adages back to General Mills.

And also, in fairness, most of the kickstarter projects related to diabetes were for funding documentaries. A noble endeavor - but does anyone really watch those documentaries? Anyone who is motivated enough to solve the problem of counteracting the food lobby? I wonder how technology could solve that problem.

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