Death of a computer.

Just when I was really starting to gain some momentum with this Fargo stuff, I started having computer problems. While my iMac was dying, I started riffing on all the ways my dying computer was like a dying patient in crisis in the ICU.

The last gasps of air as it tries to reboot.

The big blue screen as it freezes up. (In the hospital we call a "Code Blue" in order to activate the resuscitation team.)

Then there is booting into terminal mode. It's like when you're ready to start pushing the epinephrine and atropine, and the paddles are ready to go. (At one point I couldn't even make that work - unbeknownst to me one of my kids had unplugged the keyboard. It was much like the moment of panic you experience when someone inadvertently disconnects your patient's cardiac monitor from the display.)

Next comes the "disk0s2: I/O error" repeating, repeating, repeating, down the screen. Like watching a heart rate disintegrate into asystole.

This computer had really meant a lot to me. It was the first major purchase I made after receiving my first nursing bonus. I thought she'd be with me a little longer. But like any good nurse, I made advanced directives. Everything was backed up on my external hard drive. I even purchased a new macbook air because I knew that day was coming...

Of course then my husband completely busted my metaphorical bubble and pointed out that my computer wasn't dead. The hard drive can be replaced; it's just a little bit harder to do with an iMac. Apparently you need suction cups. If only humans were that easy to repair.

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