What Will I do With Fargo?

I read the docs and I have a much better perspective on what to do with Fargo now. The question now is, how am I going to use it? I have a pretty big Fargo to-do list and I wanted to try and make sense of it in this post. The two main things I want to work on are technical skills and my writing skills.

Technical Skills

  • I need to get better with CSS. Trex is a powerful content management system and it looks great out of the box. But I want to be able to make it look exactly how I want. I can envision maybe doing this for clients someday.


  • I can see how thinking in outliners is really going to change how I write. I miss writing. I've kind of pigeon holed myself into my nursing blog and I've never really settled into another venue for other types of writing. But I have a million other stories to tell that don't have much to do with nursing.

What about Community?

  • There's some wistfulness out there in the medblogger community. I think there are some key people who want to go back to the way things were in the mid 2000's when people were writing longform blog posts and telling a lot of good stories about what it's like to work in health care. I would love to see some of those people migrate over here and I intend to encourage that.

My Limitations

  • Currently I'm a stay at home mom. Everything I do here on Fargo happens in between the spaces of taking care of my 3 year old twins and my six year old. The interruptions are plentiful. But I'm getting a sense that I can make some real progress here so I'm going to stick with it.

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