More thoughts on Fargo after RTFM

Spent some quality time with the docs this weekend :)

  • Smallpict worknotes

  • Trex Docs

  • Trex Rules

Great stuff. I can't wait to get my hands dirty.

  • CSS tweaking.

  • Fun with markdown.

  • The fact that it's in bootstrap is such a huge positive. Bootstrap as a default is perfectly lovely, but considering that there's already a community of designers out there making bootstrap templates, things could quickly get interesting.

My two favorite comments about Fargo so far:

  • "It's like starting a muscle car."

    • Someone said that in the comments. I can't remember who ):
  • "It's a tool that meets both my publishing and mental organization needs."

    • Jeffrey said that. It really pinpoints what is so powerful about Fargo. Aside from the fact that has technical power, it's also a tool that enables you to untangle the thoughts in your brain, and go straight to publishing. Think about it - there are a lot of steps in between that the Fargo kind of eliminates. It's highly efficient!

2 more thoughts:

  • It's going to take a big bite out of wordpress.

  • It's going to disrupt the market share of shared hosting providers.

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