Pop-up Blogging

I'm not too worried about fargo sunsetting. I don't know the timeline for fargo, although I can completely see why some have those concerns.

For me this is more about blogging in the moment. It's a new publishing tool to try out. My incentive for sticking with it is that there is a river associated with it.

Someone posted here about postach.io. Which looks interesting. You can publish your evernote pages to the web. I can see this working for people who don't want to have to look at what's under the hood. My attention span is short. I could easily see myself heading over there to spend some time kicking the tires. But the biggest factor that makes me want to keep plugging away at fargo is that there is a river. An instant community. And it's so simple. You don't need to form groups, or lists, or start a ning network, or a blog carnival, or any of that nonsense. You just blog, and your blog exists in a river.

For me that's what blogging was like back in 2005-2006, before Big Social came along and sucked the life out of it.

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